The employment leading group of our college went to the school job fair to communicate with enterprises

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In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on the employment of graduates, and actively help graduates to find more adequate and higher quality employment, on October 19, our school held a special employment and recruitment fair for Jiangxi Province 2024 college graduates in Ganzhou Region and the Autumn Fair for Jiangxi University of Science and Technology 2024 graduates in the athletics field of Sanjiang Campus. A total of 443 employers participated in the job fair, providing 2,631 jobs and a total of 34,571 recruitment needs.

In order to promote the high-quality employment of the 2024 graduates of our college, all members of the college team, heads of departments, employment counselors, graduating class counselors and class teachers and other employment leading group members went to the school's job fair site to communicate with enterprises. More than 800 graduates of our college attended the job fair.

The employment leading group of the College visited some key units in order to deepen the cooperation between the college and enterprises, promote the visit of enterprises to expand their posts, understand the recruitment needs and changes of the class of 2024, and carry out in-depth exchanges on the demand for talents, recruitment standards and talent training expectations of enterprises, in order to transport more outstanding talents for enterprises. During the period, the college's employment leading group also in-depth graduates to understand the situation of participating in the job fair, encourage them to be good at seizing employment opportunities, fully understand their own advantages and disadvantages, constantly improve their comprehensive quality and ability level, and actively look for positions that match their professional and interest, in order to better adapt to the needs of enterprises and society.

The College attaches great importance to the employment of students after graduation, actively builds and steadily promotes the brand activity of "Talking about Jiangxi on Jiangxi" employment education, regularly carries out school-enterprise cooperation, orderly promotes enterprise visits, actively guides students to carry out career planning, provides employment services and guidance for students, comprehensively improves students' professional ability and comprehensive quality, and cultivates high-quality talents that meet the market demand.

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