Our school launched a "one-stop" student community building seminar and counselor work salon

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In order to strengthen the construction of "one-stop" student community, explore a new mechanism for collaborative education, and build a learning and exchange platform for counselors. On the afternoon of October 18, our College held a "one-stop" student community construction seminar and counselor work salon in Peizhu College, a student dormitory in four building of Sanjiang Campus. Liu Liming, deputy minister of Student work Department of the University Party Committee, Wu Yuan, deputy secretary of the College Party Committee, the person in charge of the dormitory administrator center and the college counselors in charge of student community (dormitory) management participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Xue Fei, the college counselor.

In the "Peizhu Library", Wu Yuan expressed a warm welcome to the participants. She hoped that this exchange could promote the construction of "one-stop" student community and the high-quality development of counselor work, and strive to build the student community into a "complex" of education management and service students, and a second "home" for students, bringing a sense of security and happiness to students. Liu Liming led the participants to learn the "Guide to the Construction of the comprehensive management Mode of University" one-stop student community, Xue Fei interpreted the "Star-level Standard construction of University student Apartment Management Service in Jiangxi Province", and we learned the construction standard of "one-stop" student community together.

At the seminar, Liu Liming put forward the requirements for the "one-stop" student community construction work: First, to establish a party branch with buildings as a unit, strengthen the role of the party and league organizations in the fighting fortress of the community, and establish an interactive mechanism for regular communication with students; Second, it is necessary to highlight the university attributes of student apartments, strictly compare the construction standards, check the deficiencies and make up for them and improve them in time; Third, we should pay attention to problems and solve problems, focus on student safety, life experience, student demands and other aspects of service work, and change the community service work from security to management; Fourth, we must deeply understand the eight principles of student-centered, real situational education, five education simultaneously into the community, standard learning innovation, and consolidating the platform to educate people. Liu Liming also put forward specific work requirements in combination with the review and evaluation of college education and teaching.

The participants also visited the construction results of F4 building "three-dimensional six party" community education studio, and understood the construction concept, implementation measures, characteristic brands and work results of the studio. The holding of this seminar effectively strengthened the construction of the team of counselors, further improved the teaching ability and work level of counselors, provided experience for the "one-stop" student community construction of various colleges, built a platform to promote exchange and learning, unified ideas, improved understanding, and clarified the path. For our school "one-stop" student community to build "three full education" practice base contributed wisdom.

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