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The School of Economics and Management of JXUST was founded in 1980.The Management Engineering of Jiangxi Institute of Metallurgy was founded in1983.In 1986,we started the first Bachelor of engineering cost management .In 1995,the school had begun to enroll Master degree candidate ,and become CA of “Business Management Training for Leaders and Cadres” of the former State Commission for Economics and Trade and “Cost engineer qualification examination” of the former Ministry of Construction. After years of unremitting efforts ,our school has be developed to an Investigative school with obvious professional characteristics and extensive international exchanges ,which is time-honored ,out-standing advantages of subject.

The school consists of Department of Business Administration, Department of Engineering Management, Department of Accounting, Department of Finance, Department of Electronic Commerce .Now we have more than 90 teachers .And there are 15 professors ,nearly 30 PhDs and 4 foreign full - time teachers among them .The school has a group of high-level, echelon ordered, structurally sound ,energetic teachers .Some of them are The Project Recipient of the Excellent Talents Support Program of the ministry, minister of Finance Interdisciplinary Leader , Bao steel Education Award Winner , candidates for the "Million Talent Project" of Jiangxi province , the chosen ones of Gan po ying cai 555 project .We also engaged a group of prominent scholars and entrepreneurs as Adjunct Professor or Professional Master Social Tutor.

Now the school sets up five majors which are engineering cost, accounting, finance, e-commerce, business administration and IMBA .And engineering cost is special profession of universities of Jiangxi province .Accounting is the first-rate profession of Jiangxi province . There are more than 2000 students in the school.

The post-graduate education of our school has 3 Master of Science in First Level which are Management Science and Engineering(Management, Engineering) , Business Administration , Applied Economics ,5 Master of Science in Second Level which are business management, technical economy and management, accounting, industrial economics, finance ,4 Professional Master's Degree Programs which is MBA ,MEA ,MPAcc ,Civil water conservancy(direction of project ,management) .At 2019 ,the school started PhD Postgraduate Training in Mining Economic Management .Now we have more than 600 postgraduates in our school .

The school attach importance to international exchanges and cooperation .We got good cooperation in teaching, research and talent training with University of Prince Edward Island ,University of Ulster , University of Staffordshire , University of Paris XIII , State University of New York , Georgia Coast College , Georgia Institute of Technology , Porto-Holland Business School , Prince Songkha University ,etc .We cooperate to open ‘2+2’ international courses in business administration with University of Prince Edward Island .We also discuss and cooperate together to cultivate the international talents of project cost specialty with University of Ulster .And we co-organizing student exchange programs with University of Malaysia , University of Northern Malaysia , University of Sabah ,etc .We usually employ foreign professional teachers to participate in teaching activities and talents training .As a result ,the school has made remarkable progress in international education .

The school devote to serve regional socio-economic construction and focus on the Transformation and Upgrading of Nonferrous Metal Industry .We constructed Research Center for Regional Economy and Social Development of JXUST ,and constructed Ganzhou Institute of Finance ,Ganzhou Industry Development Research Institute , Quality Institute and Ganzhou Institute of High Quality Development , Yudu County Textile and Garment Industry Research Institute with Ganzhou Municipal Government .The school has Key Research Bases of the First Group of Philosophy and Society ,which called Nonferrous Metals Industry Development Research Institute ,Jiangxi University Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base ,which called Mining Development Research Centre ,and Jiangxi Soft Science Research Base ,which called Soft Science Research Base of Regional Economic Cooperation between Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and Hunan Border .And these are provincial research platforms .The school is becoming development of southern Jiangxi Soviet Area ,Research Center of Transformation and Upgrading of National Mining Industry , decision exchange center and government decision-making think tank.

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