Postgraduate Education
Postgraduate education


Postgraduate education

Since1998,the school of economics and management has been carrying out postgraduate education . After more than 20 years of development, it now has two levels of doctoral and master’sdegree, three types of graduate students of academic type, professional degree and equivalent academic level, and enrolls more than 200 students every year. Postgraduate education presents a new situation of collaborative development of academic degree and pro-essional degree, balanced development of full-time and part-time graduate students, and cross development of traditional and new subjects.

The postgraduate education of the college insists on cultivating talents with morality, strict requirements and quality, and makes every effort to cultivate compound talents with "lofty aspirations, responsibility first", contributing value and integrating technology and management.

College has a high level, orderly arrangement, reasonable structure, dynamic high level of teacher team, existing four doctoral supervisors, master unripe adviser, 80 people, tutors in the winner of the state ministry of education new century excellent talents to support projects, the ministry of finance cross-century leader, baosteel awards winner, "pacesetter project" candidate in jiangxi province, jiangxi province 555 project of person of outstanding ability person and famous scholars and professors, also hired a number of famous scholars and entrepreneurs as part-time professors or professional academic advisor for master’s  society.

The school has established a multi-tiered and wide-ranging postgraduate award system, including scholarships, support for scientific research projects, encouragement to publish academic papers and participate in academic exchanges, funding and participation in local economic management practice or short-term innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

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