【 Qirun Forum 38 】 -- Our institute carried out a special lecture on the development of engineering cost industry

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In order to deepen the professional cognition of young college students and strengthen the awareness of career planning, on November 1st, the 38th Qirun Forum of our college was held in the lecture hall of the Library of Sanjiang Campus. Qi Baobao, professor of the School of Management of Shenyang Jianzhu University, gave a special lecture on the development status, trend and talent demand of the engineering cost industry. All the students of Grade 2022 and 2023 engineering cost majors of our college attended the lecture, and Wu Zebin, vice president of our college, presided over the lecture.

In the lecture, Qi Baobao introduced the theme of engineering cost professional learning with his own growth experience, and explained it in detail from four aspects: the background of the development era of engineering cost industry, current situation and trend, talent demand and growth path. He stressed that first, the engineering cost major is currently in the development stage of "multi-integration", and it is necessary to dilute the disciplinary boundaries, broaden the field of study, enhance professional skills, and become a fully developed talent; Second, in the context of the digital era, the requirements for engineering cost professionals are getting higher and higher, and it is necessary to combine professional knowledge with big data, apply professional knowledge in practice, integrate knowledge and practice, and become digital cost talents in the new era.

During the exchange, the students actively interacted and the atmosphere of the lecture was warm. Yang Yueyun said: "After listening to Professor Qi's lectures, I benefited a lot, and I had a clearer understanding of the problem of 'the impact of building intelligence on the traditional construction industry', and I also had a clearer goal for my career planning."

The lecture gave a comprehensive interpretation of the engineering cost major, and the students had a clearer understanding of the study, practice and employment of the engineering cost major, and a clear understanding of the future development. In the future, our college will do a good job in a series of brand activities such as "Qirun Forum", comprehensively improve students' professional competence, cultivate career planning awareness, recognize the development prospects of disciplines, and lay a good foundation for promoting the high-quality development of the college.

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