Our university and Shenyang Jianzhu University jointly carried out the high-quality development seminar of engineering cost major

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In order to strengthen the construction of engineering cost major, deepen the joint construction of colleges and universities, and build a normal communication mechanism, on November 2, our college held a high-quality development seminar of engineering cost major in Conference Room 321 of Jingshi Building. Professor Qi Baobao of the School of Management of Shenyang Jianzhu University, Deputy dean Li Lihong, Director Zhao Liang of the Department of Engineering cost and deputy director Lu Linhan of the Department of Engineering Cost attended the seminar. Mr. Gong Yaoteng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, Mr. Pan Chunrong, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Mr. Zeng Guohua, President Huang Shunchun, Vice President Zheng Minggui, Vice President Wu Zebin, Director of the Engineering Cost Department Wang Xixi, and representatives of the faculty of the Engineering Cost Department attended the meeting. The seminar was moderated by Zeng Guohua.

At the meeting, Huang Shunchun warmly welcomed the arrival of Qi Baobao, Li Lihong and other experts from the School of Management of Shenyang Jianzhu University. He introduced the school's history, development characteristics, discipline construction, local service and other aspects, and had an in-depth exchange with the experts on personnel training and professional construction status. Wu Zebin shared with the title of "Professional Construction and Development Based on Evaluation (Certification) Standards of Engineering Management Majors", integrated and organized the development process of engineering cost majors of the college, proposed that the development of engineering cost of the college is currently facing three challenges: talent introduction, professional inheritance, and teachers, and hoped that experts would actively provide valuable opinions and guidance suggestions.

Qi Baobao said that in order to solve the current three major problems, one is to start from the post requirements to achieve the docking of talent training supply and demand; The second is to pay attention to the span of the problem, to maintain the right amount of learning breadth and width; The third is to constantly introduce new forces and strengthen professional development strength. He stressed that Jiangxi University of Science and Technology "three real" spirit deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, engineering cost professional development history has a long history, has cultivated many "solid foundation, practical work, honest" high-quality talents, hope to strengthen exchanges and learning, the two sides to promote development. Li Lihong conducted on-site exchanges on issues such as discipline construction, industry development difficulties, and evaluation of first-class professional construction points, and the atmosphere of on-site academic exchanges was strong. The experts also visited the laboratory of our hospital to investigate the learning environment and facilities of the engineering cost major.

Through this seminar, our college actively draws professional construction experience from other universities, learns advanced teaching concepts, improves teaching management level, and solves problems in professional development. Our institute will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, build a direct mechanism, improve professional development programs, continue to make innovations and breakthroughs, and create high-quality professional construction points.

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