【 Jinggan Lecture Hall Phase III 】 Intelligent construction and construction industrialization coordinated development

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In order to further understand the academic forefront of intelligent construction and building industrialization and further improve academic research ability, on November 1st, our Institute held the third Jinggan Lecture Hall in Hall 2 of Zhiyuan Conference Center, Sanjiang Campus. Professor Li Lihong, Deputy Dean of School of Management of Shenyang Jianzhu University, gave a special lecture on the theme of "Coordinated Development of intelligent construction and building industrialization". Nearly 300 faculty, graduate students and undergraduates participated in the lecture, which was presided over by Vice President Professor Zheng Minggui.

Li Lihong was introduced into the context of the research projects she undertook in recent years, so that teachers and students had an in-depth understanding of the continuous integration and innovation of building industrialization and intelligent construction technology represented by prefabricated integral buildings. She said that there is still a certain gap between the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and the high-quality development requirements of the new era, but China has achieved many breakthroughs in digital design, intelligent production, intelligent construction and other breakthroughs, and the coordinated development of intelligent construction and construction industrialization is already on the road. Secondly, digitization continues to be applied to the construction industry, and informatization has improved the level of management refinement. In order to achieve multi-party collaboration, it is necessary to promote industry adjustment, improve efficiency and innovation and creation. Finally, Li Lihong talked about the impact of intelligent construction on professional development, she stressed that the current employment continues to be tight, the entrance examination of graduate school papers, ability requirements to improve, need students to change cognitive misunderstandings, pay attention to individual personality, interests, hobbies and other factors, bearing in mind that the future comes from the only change.

This lecture promoted the learning enthusiasm of the teachers and students, further stimulated their scientific research interests, broadened their professional horizons, and laid the foundation for cultivating high-quality talents for the development of the service region and the industry.

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