The engineering cost major of our university passed the higher education major evaluation of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the first time

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(this) recently, the housing and urban-rural development of higher education of engineering management major evaluation commission announced on the institutions of higher learning architecture, urban and rural planning, water supply and drainage science and engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, project management, engineering cost assessment (certification) conclusion circular (civil professional assessment notice [2020] no. 2) file, our project cost professional first through the ministry of higher education evaluation. The assessment is valid from May 2020 to May 2024 and eligibility is valid for four years.

Under the guidance and coordination of the Ministry of Education, the higher Education Engineering Management Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is responsible for organizing and implementing the professional evaluation of project cost. This is the first time for engineering cost major to conduct professional evaluation. Chongqing University, Shenyang Jianzhu University and Jiangxi University of Science and Technology are selected as the first batch of pilot universities for engineering cost major evaluation.

During the evaluation period, the expert group evaluated and inspected the engineering cost major of our university from the aspects of student development, training objectives, faculty, teaching resources, teaching process and continuous improvement. After evaluation and investigation, the expert group found that the engineering cost major of our school should "adhere to moral education, strengthen ideological guidance and cultivate cost talents; Adhere to the practice ability oriented, training professional comprehensive project cost management personnel; The school experience and characteristics of adhering to school-enterprise cooperation and giving full play to the role of alumni in talent training are recognized. In order to further promote the reform and development of the engineering cost specialty in our university, the expert group proposed to strengthen the construction of teaching staff, increase investment, and actively carry out teaching and academic exchanges inside and outside the school.

The successful passing of professional evaluation is of great significance to the continuous construction of engineering practice teaching facilities in line with the development requirements of "new engineering course" in the engineering cost major of our university and the steady improvement of professional construction level and teaching quality.

Our school history of engineering cost specialty can be traced back to 1986. It is the first university in China to offer engineering cost management undergraduate specialty. In 1998, it was approved as the key Construction specialty of Jiangxi University, in 2002, it was approved as the Brand specialty of Jiangxi University, and in 2008, it was rated as the characteristic specialty of Jiangxi University. Since its inception, the program has trained about 4,000 graduates, most of whom have become major technical backbone or senior management personnel in the fields of engineering cost calculation and audit, engineering decision-making, engineering project management and real estate development and management, etc., and they are widely recognized as popular majors for good enrollment and employment.

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