Our school held the MBA tenth anniversary development conference and MBA education new exploration forum

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On the morning of December 20th, our school held the MBA Exploration Forum of "Dedicating new Era, Practicing new liberal Arts" in the MBA Lecture Hall of Golden Campus and our school's MBA 10th Anniversary Development Conference and the 9th MBA Union representative Conference of Jiangxi Province. Wen Rui, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of the University, Wang Ping, director of the Secretariat office of the National MBA Education Steering Committee, Ma Zhongdong, dean of The School of Economics and Management of Liaocheng University, Huang Wende, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Business Administration of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Chen Yangshan, Secretary of the County Party Committee of Yudu, Zhao Kui, dean of the Graduate School of the University and other leaders attended the meeting. At the same time, there were also deans of the management schools of some MBA training institutions in China, principals and administrators of MBA education programs, leaders of other institutions in the province, and heads of related departments in the school. Previous MBA alumni, students, teachers and students representatives of our school participated in the meeting. The conference was chaired by Mr. Zeng Guohua, Vice President of the School of Economics and Management,

The meeting kicked off with a solemn national anthem.

At the beginning of the meeting, Wen-rui delivered a speech on behalf of the school. Wen-rui first extended a warm welcome to the guests and thanked the leaders, experts and alumni who have been supporting, caring and helping the development of the school for a long time. Later, Wenrui introduced the school from the aspects of complete talent training system, remarkable achievements in talent training, outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, outstanding contributions to the society, and good development of education internationalization. Moderate says, in jiangxi university of science and technology MBA school ten years, has always been adhering to the "ideals, responsibility first" spirit of school motto, efforts to build "the good faith as the way, the knowledge for this, the country as the soul, the four seas as" the hakka spirit and "defend is innovation, seeking truth from facts, the pursuit of excellence, the courage to victory" spirit of reform, is dedicated to the course and the surrounding areas of administrative management, manufacturing, transportation and other industries of management personnel to enhance the level of management and services, has accumulated for the society transport more than 600 graduates, for and ganzhou in jiangxi province made important contribution to the economic and social development.

At the same time, Wenrui also put forward three requirements for the future development of MBA education in our school: first, grasp the new melody of The Times, adhere to the correct innovation, and improve the quality of training; The second is to fulfill the requirements of the construction of new liberal arts, embrace the country and the world, and build a brand of value. The third is to promote new educational initiatives, highlight the characteristics of the industry, and serve the regional society. Wenrui demands that we must adhere to the school-running positioning of "based on Jiangxi, facing the whole country, serving the local and the service industry", and run MBA education in southern Jiangxi to become the MBA education that has the most contribution to the region.

Director of the MBA teaching refers to the secretariat office wang ping in his speech to the jiangxi university of science and technology MBA programs rely on school educational background and profound of teacher resources, is committed to cultivate know both management and good practice in the industry and commerce enterprise talent said sure, special offer to pay hard work successive Jiang Li MBA development leadership, management and MBA center pay homage to the teacher. In her speech, Wang Ping put forward suggestions and hopes to promote the faster and better development of THE MBA education in Jiangxi University of Science and Technology: to learn and understand the requirements of relevant documents such as the Central Committee, the Ministry of Education and the faculty and staff Committee, make overall planning and focus on the future, and make a good top-level design for the MBA education in the next stage. At the same time, the author also shared his thoughts on the future MBA education in China. First, the author should expand the breadth of MBA education: actively explore the cross integration of MBA education and other disciplines, form a new training system of "MBA+X", accelerate the establishment of professional doctoral degree, and improve the level of training. The second is to explore the depth of MBA education: according to their own characteristics of deep cultivation, promote the integration of production and education. Third, improve the temperature of MBA education: MBA education should carry out the mission of imparting knowledge and shaping values, and cultivate high-level management talents with social responsibility, patriotism and healthy values. MBA alumni should also practice and combine knowledge and practice in various industries, so as to contribute to economic development and social construction.

In his congratulatory speech, Ma Zhongdong, dean of The School of Economics and Management of Liaocheng University, paid high tribute to the brilliant achievements made by JIANGXI University of Science and Technology in MBA education since its establishment ten years ago, and hoped that Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and Liaocheng University could advance hand in hand and cooperate for development.

In his speech, Mr. Huang Wande, secretary of the Party Committee of The School of Business Administration, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, affirmed the contribution of THE MBA education of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology to the development of Jiangxi and Gannan Soviet Area over the past ten years, and also expressed his congratulations on the 10th anniversary of THE MBA education of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology.

Subsequently, Chen Yangshan, secretary of The Party Committee of Yudu County, on behalf of the Party committee and the government of Yudu county, delivered a congratulatory speech, hoping for stronger and deeper cooperation in the future. Huang Changyuan, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Jinli Permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a congratulatory speech on behalf of the company, hoping to strengthen the strategic cooperation between industry, education and research in the future.

Huang Shunchun, dean of The School of Economics and Management of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, introduced the school of Economics and Management of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and its achievements at the meeting, comprehensively summarized the development course, achievements, and thoughts and prospects for the future of THE MBA education of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology.

At the last part of the conference, winners of the first MBA Economic and Social Survey Report Essay competition, winners of the 2020 Ganzhou Classic brand selection for high-quality Development, outstanding graduates and outstanding students of jiangxi University of Science and Technology for the 10th ANNIVERSARY of MBA were announced and awarded to the winners.

After the opening ceremony, also held a theme of "offer a new era, practicing new arts, MBA education new exploration", dean of the BBS, director of the MBA education steering committee secretariat office wang ping, jiangsu university, nanchang university, east China jiaotong university, jiangxi normal university, liaocheng university, guilin university of electronic science and technology and other colleges and universities and the jiangxi province all MBA college leaders, the MBA center director attended the BBS.

In the afternoon, the delegation from jiangxi MBA Union also visited the Navel orange industrial base of Kaida Sakura Farm. During the investigation, Liang Wanli, the head of the farm, warmly received the investigation group and introduced the basic situation of the industrial base in detail. During the field visit, Liang introduced to the delegation the growth and picking management of navel oranges, and discussed with the teachers and students on the management and operation of the base.

During the investigation, MBA union teachers and students also carried out an interesting tug-of-war competition in the base, so as to enhance the cohesion of the union, and jointly wish all universities in Jiangxi PROVINCE MBA Union more close cooperation and grow stronger in the future.(Text/Liu shishi)

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