The School of Economics and Management holds the postgraduate academic forum of "Endless innovation and Development of Research and Learning"

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This net news is active academic thought, promotes academic contention, promotes academic exchange, stimulates academic innovation. On the afternoon of November 28th, the School of Economics and Management held the academic achievement selection meeting of the Economics and Management Department of the 16th Postgraduate Academic Forum in the MBA Lecture Hall of The Gold Campus. The theme of the doctoral postgraduate academic forum was "Endless research, innovation and development".

Wenrui, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of our university, attended the selection meeting. He pointed out in his speech that the purpose of the contest is to invigorate the academic atmosphere and enhance academic exchanges. Academic research cannot be separated from individual innovation efforts, as well as the common communication with tutors and classmates. At the same time, Wenrui quoted Wang Guowei's triple state theory, which inspires the present graduate students to conduct scientific research with innovative thinking, diligent attitude and communication methods, and strive for high-quality research results.

Dean Huang Shunchun economic management, information engineering, dean of the manifold method, Sun Jianbin, vice President of the school of jiangxi normal university, east China jiaotong university school of management, describe a Dr Jiangxi university of science and associate professor, institute of applied science Zheng Yanzhi Lai Dan and economic management college professor, associate professor, associate professor of Liao Qiumin Xu Ligang, Xu Shui is too high, liu often associate professor, associate professor, Dr Song Zhiting and other leaders and experts to attend this competition act as the judges, and meeting shall be presided over by guo-hua zeng, vice President of the college of management, part of the graduate student representative to participate in our school.

In the forum, 16 participants showed their research results with confidence, answered the questions of experts and successfully completed their defense. The expert judges affirmed the excellent performance of the students participating in the defense and the quality of the participating works. They believed that the selected topics of the participating works have their own characteristics, which are realistic and diversified, and conform to the high quality.

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