School of Economics and Management carries out experiential red ideological and political education

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On the morning of November 21, more than 30 student cadres of the School of Economics and Management came to the Pengcheng Teaching building "VR+ Red Education" education research base to carry out the "Learning the history of the Soviet Area, feeling the spirit of the Soviet Area" red ideological and political experience activities.

During the activity, students visited and experienced the VR experience room at the First Crossing of the Yangtze River, Ruijin riding Tour, the third counter-campaign and Dabaidi Ambush Warfare. The students listened to the narrator's explanation carefully, and were exposed to one red story after another with the help of VR equipment and immersive experience all-in-one machine. Through the immersive experience, the students deepened their understanding of revolutionary history knowledge and further understood revolutionary history.

"The sound of gunfire right in my ear felt real. The experience of the war made me more aware of the intensity of the ambuscade at Dabai Baidi, and deeply aware of the hard-won new China. We should cherish our beautiful life and consciously be the inheritor and practitioner of the red gene." "Said zhang Jiayun, the experiencer.

It is reported that the school of Economics and Management takes the ideological and political education for college students as the main line, and actively develops new ways and methods of ideological and political education for college students by carrying out a red ideological and political theme education class, reading a red letter home, an experience tour of the Red Army, and a community practice of "military and civilian situations".(Text/ Liu shishi)

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