Our school got a good result in the national final of the third "Wave Cup" Digital Economy Sharing Finance Competition

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This network news on November 21, by the Chinese university sharing finance professional committee, China electronic enterprise association intelligent branch sponsored, the wave casts far education technology Co., LTD. To provide technical support, the northeast University of Finance and Economics undertook the third "Wave Cup" digital economy sharing finance competition national final successfully held. Our students in the competition to fully demonstrate the solid professional foundation, good learning ability and strong team spirit, which consists of the economic management college mei-juan lu, dabao teacher guidance team "moist" won the first prize undergraduate group, with the first guided by Zhou Junqing, Luo Xiang teachers "after Jiang Li waves" won the second prize undergraduate group.

The competition is divided into network competition and national finals. The network competition is the preliminary competition, in the form of electronic sand table competition, the finalists can register to participate in the national final. The finals adopted the on-site defense method, and the participating teams presented the construction plan of the enterprise sharing center in various forms such as melodrama performance, PPT explanation and defense discussion.

Since its launch in September 2020, the competition has taken more than two months, from registration, online training, preliminary competition to the national final, attracting 268 schools from 19 provinces and regions, including Heilongjiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and Fujian. After intense competition among national teams, 40 teams from 36 schools were selected to the national finals. After several rounds of selection, 12 first prize teams, 12 second prize teams and 16 third prize teams were finally determined.(Text / Xu wenna)

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