The first issue of "Zhangzhou Financial Forum"

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opened on the evening of August 5, co-sponsored by the Financial Work Office of the People's Government of Zhangzhou City, Jiangxi University of Technology, Zhangzhou City Institute of Finance, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology School of Economics and Management, Ganzhou Bank, Nankang Shangcun Town Bank co-organized the first session of the "Zhangzhou Financial Forum" academic forum through the online broadcast of the smooth development. This session was led by Dr. Jingwen Wang, Head of Macro Research at Minsheng Bank research institute in China, on the theme of "Economic Situation and Policy Trends Outlook for the Second Half of 2020".

In the lecture, Wang Jingwen first combined with the current outbreak, in-depth and shallow about the outbreak on the economy caused by the cliff-like decline, industrial chain sudden interruption, market shocks and other effects. Then, from the global economic situation, China's economic situation, China's macro-policy, Zhangzhou economic situation four directions, in GDP, supply side, demand side, inflation situation, financial environment and other aspects of a detailed review of the first half of 2020 economic situation and the second half of the economic situation to look forward to. He said that 2020 is a year to witness history, the global political and economic landscape will undergo profound changes - the economic strength of China and the United States further narrowed, global value chain restructuring, global financial risks rise; China does not set a growth target policy tone, active and effective fiscal policy, flexible and moderate monetary policy and other means to effectively reduce the impact of the epidemic; As a timely and effective prevention area against the epidemic, the economic situation in Zhangzhou has not been subject to large fluctuations and shows a positive trend. Finally, Wang Jingwen expressed his expectations for the economic development of Zhangzhou and wished it a prosperous future.

Note: Wang Jingwen, male, Ph.D. in world economics, Jilin University, is currently the director of macro-research at Minsheng Bank research institute in China, and is also a senior researcher at Pangu Think Tank, Phoenix International Think Tank, Hong Kong Stock 100 Research Center and other institutions. Long engaged in international finance, macroeconomics, macro-policy tracking research, as the "Economic Reference" "Shanghai Securities News" "China Securities News" "Securities Times" and other newspapers and periodicals special commentator, "China Finance" "Banker" "Financial Market Research", FT Chinese net and other media special contributors, published a total of nearly 500 articles, in a number of media columns. (Text/Wang Yi)

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