Students of Jiangxi University of science and technology celebrate the birth of the motherland

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Through these topics, I was once again deeply impressed by the greatness of the motherland." On the morning of September 29, at the "Birthday for the Motherland" series of activities held by the School of Economics and Management of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Yang Xiaojun, who participated in the activities, said with emotion. "These topics are all-encompassing, Chinese history, geography, humanities, military... Feel the breadth and depth of the motherland." After speaking, he went back to pondering the puzzle in his hand.

In the historical corridor at the event site, classmate Zhang Huiyu from Accounting Class 192 was attentively feeling the rapid changes in the motherland since its founding." From the solemn announcement of Chairman Mao’s Tiananmen Square to the military parade on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China; from the successful launch of the'Chang'e 2'to the launch of the icebreaker'Xuelong 2'... When I was a child, I heard grandparents tell their stories. It feels very magical. Now I can not only relive history, but also a witness to China’s future development.” She said excitedly.

"I'm from Hainan, I celebrated my motherland's birthday at Jiangxi University of Science and Technology. I wish my motherland prosperous and prosperous!" He Ruyin from Hainan said with a smile on her face and said to the camera her wishes for the motherland, and then she on the map of China The location of hometown is solemnly affixed with a star representing miss.

At the event site, not only a large number of students were attracted to participate, but also some family members of the faculty and staff were involved. It is understood that in addition to the "Knowledge Competition", "Historical Corridor" and "Proud of Hometown" activities, the School of Economics and Management will also successively launch activities such as "I Want to Tell the Motherland" and "Red Day Reading Cloud Sharing" to keep patriotism passionate. continue." We hope to inspire and cultivate students' patriotism through a variety of activities, expand their overall quality, and cultivate a sense of national pride and honor." Zhong Xiaohui, secretary of the Youth League Committee of the academy, said when talking about the original intention of the event, "We will also actively implement patriotism in the future The fundamental task of ideological education and cultivating people has stimulated the great enthusiasm of teachers and students to love the party, the country and socialism.” (Editor/Chen Yan)

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