Our school won awards in the third "Jiangxi Provincial Literature and Art Award, Theoretical Achievement Award, and News Award"

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In order to further promote Jiangxi’s excellent traditional culture, enhance the influence of Ganpo’s culture, and prosper cultural undertakings to develop cultural industries, recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province announced the third "Jiangxi Provincial Literature and Art Award, Theoretical Achievement Award" , News Award" list of winning works." Research on Rare Earth Industry Regulation" written by teachers Mao Kezhen, Wu Yiding, and Zhang Xiuzhi of the School of Economics and Management of our school won the third "Jiangxi Province Theoretical Achievement Award", which is the first time our school has been awarded in this selection activity.

It is understood that there are 36 award-winning works this time, of which 20 works such as "A Thousand Miles of Ganpo" and other works won the third "Jiangxi Provincial Literary and Art Award", "The Chinese Communist Party Jiangxi History" Vol. 2 (1949-1978), etc. 6 works won the 3rd "Jiangxi Provincial Theoretical Achievement Award", 10 works such as "The Earth House of 80 Years of Watching, the Eternal Heart of the Original ── The "Three Houses" of Cao Chengfeng's House in Jiangxi Soviet Area" won the third "Jiangxi Provincial News Award".

It is reported that the selection scope of the third Jiangxi Provincial Theoretical Achievement Award is from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2019 (focus on the past 3 years), by the authors of our province independently or as the first author and first producer. Works published, published, and broadcasted with the identity and won the first prize of Jiangxi Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award or other provincial and ministerial level theoretical achievements or above (including the first prize).The work requires that the topic selection is of great significance, has original insights in the research of major practical, historical and theoretical issues, and has put forward important new viewpoints and new conclusions in the research, has made a major contribution to the construction of the discipline, or has a major social impact in and outside the province, or resolved The current practical social problems have a positive effect and contribution to promoting the economic and social development of our province.(Text/Edited by Zhang Xiaosong and Chen Sixin/Chen Yan)

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