Yuan Chang

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Yuan Chang



Professional Title

associate   professor

Professional   Affiliations


Postgraduate   Tutor or not




Teaching   Course

The   main courses are advanced management accounting, theory and method of   management accounting and other major courses for postgraduates; management   accounting, financial accounting, accounting information system, financial   report analysis, accounting, financial management and other major courses for   undergraduates.

Research   Field

The   main research directions are: capital operation and financial strategy,   environmental management accounting, etc.

Representative   Performance

Presided   over and participated in a number of national, provincial and school level   scientific research projects, including 5 provincial scientific research   projects presided over and completed, currently presided over 2 provincial   research projects, participated in 1 national project, presided over and   participated in many horizontal projects, and published more than 20 academic   papers. The published thesis has won the third prize of the outstanding   achievement of scientific research (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES).

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