Lixin Tang

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Lixin Tang



Professional Title

Master's   degree

Professional   Affiliations

Associate   Professor

Postgraduate   Tutor or not



Teaching   Course

Audit theory and practiceFinancial Management College students' innovation

Research   Field

Financial Management AccountingCentral Soviet District Accounting

Representative   Performance

One. Paper class

1. Tang Lixin, Luo Shanmei, New   Discussion on Financial Budget Model of Tungsten Mine Enterprises, China   Tungsten Industry, 2006(3)

2. Tang Lixin, Long Hanlin, Discussion on   the Evaluation Method of Enterprise Internal Control Percentage System,   Commercial Accounting, 2010(6)

3. Tang Lixin, Long Hanlin, Accounting   Measurement Problems in Early Termination of Lease Contracts to Recognize   Losses, Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2010(11)

4. The Main Measures of Practicing   Corporate Environmental Responsibility through Accounting Means The 2010   Euro-Asia Conference on Environment and Corporate Social   Responsibility-Winter Session, December 2010, ISTP

5. Tang Lixin, Yang Zibin, Long Hanlin,   on the impact of the accounting system construction of the Central Soviet   Area on financial supervision, Friends of Accounting, 2010(35)

6. Tang Lixin, Liu Weiqiu, Long Hanlin,   TCM Hospital Physical Asset Management Issues and Countermeasures, Accounting   Communications (General), 2011 (3)

7. Tang Lixin, Xiao Dunfeng, An Analysis   of Internal Control Evaluation Methods——Based on the "Guidelines for   Enterprise Internal Control Supporting", Accounting Communications   (General), 2012 (2)

8. Tang Lixin, Yang Huahua, Discussion on   the Strategy of Signing the Power of Attorney for Judicial Accounting   Appraisal, China Judicial Appraisal, 2012(6)

9. Tang Lixin, Liao Qiuhong, Research on   the Necessity of "Complete Auditing and Perfecting System" in   Central Enterprises——Based on the Audit Report of Central Enterprises   Released by the National Audit Office, Finance and Accounting Monthly,   2015(5)

10. Tang Lixin, Yan Guohui, Judicial   Identification Strategy Research on Assets Evaluation Based on Material   Damage, Accounting Communications, 2015(16)

two. Works

1. Unique, the percentage system of   internal control evaluation of enterprises (153,000) Metallurgical Industry   Press, October 2011

2. The only editor-in-chief, Management   Accounting (592,000) Tianjin University Press, September 2010

3. The only editor-in-chief, accounting   system design (422,000) Peking University Press, March 2012

4. Associate Editor, "Accounting   Course" written 43,000, China Business Press, August 2005

5. First Editor-in-Chief, Management   Accounting (560,000) Zhejiang University Press Edition, August 2014

6. Monograph (first), financial analysis   theory and practice of listed companies (200,000) China Times Economic   Publishing House, February 2015

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