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The history of running a major in engineering cost can be traced back to 1986, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology is the first to start engineering cost management undergraduate major. Which was approved in 2002 as a brand major in Jiangxi Province, and in 2008 as a characteristic professional of Jiangxi Province, in 1998 approved management science and engineering first-class discipline master’s point, approved in 2014 engineering management(MEM) professional master’s point, engineering cost professional development has gone through four stages:

The first stage(1986-1988):With the strong support of the former China Nonferrous Metals industry Corporation, the department of management engineering on the basis of the establishment of engineering cost management major, by our school 86 management engineering department industrial management engineering students to separate a class transfer project cost management, after each year regular enrollment.

The second stage(1988-1998): In March 1988,the Southern Metallurgical Institute(now Jiangxi University of Science and Technology) was approved by the former China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation and established the “Engineering Cost Management Major” in July 1988.

The third stage(1998-2014):in 1998,the national professional catalog standardized and adjusted, the engineering management professional established. The university’s engineering cost management professional as a professional direction into the engineering management professional, opened engineering management(engineering cost management) undergraduate major.

The fourth stage(2014-present): In 2014,our university re-declared and was approved to establish an engineering cost major(Professional Code:120105) and passed the Bachelor’s Degree Authorization Point Review in 2018.

After more than 30 years of development, the engineering cost major has formed a multi-level school-running pattern of academic master’s, professional master’s, engineering master’s and undergraduate students, highlighting the characteristics of professional training of the whole life cycle engineering cost control is based on engineering technology.

This major cultivates the basic knowledge of management, economics and civil engineering technology, masters the theories, methods and means of modern management science, has strong practical application ability, social adaptability and certain innovation ability, and can engage in the calculation and auditing of engineering cost in the field of engineering construction management, engineering decision-making, Practical Application and Research Talents in Engineering Project Management.

Since the inception, the engineering cost major has trained a large number of outstanding graduates, now has become the project cost calculation and audit, engineering decision-making, project management and real estate development and management and other fields of the main technical backbone or senior managers, is recognized by the students of good enrollment, good employment of the popular professional.

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