Business Administration

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The major of industrial and commercial administration originated from the national training course of enterprise management for factory and mine managers in 1982. In 1986, the undergraduate major of industrial management engineering management was officially opened, and then renamed as the major of industrial and commercial administration according to the needs of economic and social development. Business administration is the earliest major set up in our hospital. The subject of business administration has entered the top 70% of the dominant disciplines in the fourth round of discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education. The school level includes the doctoral direction of mining enterprise management, the first-tier subject of business administration, the academic master of business administration, the master of business administration, and the undergraduate course of business administration (marketing and human resources).

This major develops people with the knowledge and ability in economy, management, law and enterprise management. and have brave innovation, pioneering spirit, noble moral quality and cultural quality, also with an international vision, can engage in teaching, scientific research and management of senior business administration professionals in enterprises, institutions, government departments and institutions of higher learning.

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