Finance Major

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The undergraduate major in finance ,founded in 1999, has been changed from recruiting science to Simultaneous collection of Liberal arts and Sciences since 2007. In 2013, financial major enrolled students according to the line of first-tier score. In 2016, he was approved for a second-class master's degree in finance. Financial graduate awarded a bachelor's degree in economics, forming three stable directions: insurance, banking and securities.

The financial system relies on various teaching platforms, combined with the development of financial professional frontiers, forms the direction of traditional advantages such as banking, insurance and securities, pays attention to professional characteristics and condenses, and actively cultivates research directions such as corporate finance, equity investment, financial work and behavioral finance. The Ministry of Finance has established three think tank platform research bases: Ganzhou Finance Research Institute, Ganzhou Private Economy Research Center, and soft scientific research base for regional economic cooperation on the border among JiangxiGuangdongFujianHunan, the organic combination of the three based on the platform advantages, teachers' teaching and research, student social practice, and local economic development are realized, Cultivate love for the motherland, abide by laws and disciplines, perfect personality, good psychological quality, strong spirit of cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship awareness and ability, masters the theoretical knowledge and business skills of the finance major, and is competent for banking, insurance, Securities, investment and other economic management departments and enterprises and institutions are engaged in related work, and have applied-type compound talents who continue to pursue higher qualifications and other qualifications at home and abroad.

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