Wenwen Wu

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Wenwen Wu


Master of Management

Professional Title

Associate   Professor

Professional   Affiliations

Postgraduate Tutor or not




Teaching Course

Cost Accounting; Audit;   Strategic Management

Research Field

Corporate Governance, Cost   Management, Audit and Internal Control

Representative Performance

1. Study   on the impact of environmental regulation on enterprise performance -- A case   study of a-share listed companies in textile industry. Commercial Accounting,2018(11)

2. A   review on the effect of total prepayment on medical supply behavior. Chinese   Health Policy,2018(9)

3. Quality   cost of talent training in universities: efficiency measurement and structure   optimization, education finance and accounting research, 2016.12

4. New   rural cooperative medical system in underdeveloped areas: dilemma, inducement   and mechanism design, economic science press, December 2015

5. Applied   research on material flow cost accounting in rare earth industry in China,   journal of Jiangxi university of science and technology, December 2015

6. The   problem of the fit between the discipline structure and industrial structure   of higher education -- a case study of Jiangxi province, education academic   monthly, May 2015

7. Reconstruction   of reasonable price of ionic rare earths from the perspective of full cost,   modern management science, 2014.3

8. Analysis   on the growth structure of medical expenses of new rural cooperative medical   care system: motivation and differentiation strategy, agricultural technology   and economy, 2013.7

9. Incentive   and innovation: the influence of labor cost on innovation, metallurgical   industry press, 2013.12

10. Cost   accounting, Peking University press, June 2013

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