Institute of Management: self-made "blessed" sent to the examination students

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(This net news) June 25 at 9 a.m., in the management building 205 conference room, the School of Economics and Management day Nan, Zhou Junqing two teachers are leading the student union members in the production of "blessings", ready for the Dragon Boat Festival examination and review of the students to send a warm blessing.

Eventsite,wehavetheirowndivisionoflabor,washingleaves,rice,preparationoffillings,busyandhappy.One fold, the leaves wrapped inrice, flipped at the fingertips, a delicate tweezers socompleted, the scene oflaughter constantly, everywhere filled with warm taste.

Afteralongperiodofhigh-pressurecooking,thehazelnutsbecomesweetandsoft.Inthe afternoon, college party secretary Zhang Xiuzhi, assistant dean Fu Junwei and other teachers came to the management building examination and research study room, hand-in-hand for the students in the examination and research classroom to send mules and handwritten greeting cards, for the students to send the "zong" heart of the blessing, hope that students can be high "zong".

At the same time, the students of the Institute of Management also used brushes to depict the impression of the Dragon Boat in their hearts, with a novel idea to express their love for the festival, to pen love, to send condolences, to remember Qu Yuan, to feel the spirit of the past, while looking forward to a better future.

"This event lets everyone experience the joy of labor, relax, but also in the traditional festival to feel the spiritual strength of traditional Chinese culture. Although the campaign is over, the legacy neverstops. Yuan Chen, a classmate who participated in the event, said. (Contributions from the Institute of Management)

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