Introduction To Research Institute Of Textileand Garment Industry In Yudu

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Established in 2017, yudu textile and clothing industry research institute is a new think–tank jointly built by jiangxi university of science and technology and the people' s government of yudu county, ganzhou city. Since its establishment, yudu textile and garment industry research institute has carried out major research projects on industrial development,written a series of research reports and internal policy reference. Experts and professors were organized to carry out activities such as docking scientific research results and technological innovation, and the cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes achieved remarkable results.

In order to better service yudu textile and clothing industry target of 100 billion yuan, the clothing research institute will revolve around key areas such as smart manufacturing ,flexible design ,precision marketing, testing center , smart logistics and big data of clothing, continue to undertake research on industrial policy research , science and technology innovation, consulting services , talent cultivation and the mission, and strive to build the model of school-local corporation and a high-level new think tank serving local government.

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