Ganzhou Center for Private Economic Research

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Ganzhou Center for Private Economic Research was founded in 2019, is a new type of think tank constructed by Ganzhou People’s Government and Jiangxi University and Technology. The center’s major functions include promote party’s policies and guidelines, propagandize private the status, function of private economy and advanced typical of private economy. Conducting research on the theories, policies and law of private economy. In view of the difficulties and problems in the development of private economy in our city, we new type of think tank actively offer suggestions to the Party committee government and assist with selection and commendation activities, etc.

The research center is strong, there are 3 professors and 5 associate professors, meanwhile the local private entrepreneurs in Ganzhou are invited to act as special observers and experts in and out of the province as private economy development special researchers.

Since the center was founded, the core members of the research center have undertaken and participated in the mid-term evaluation report of the 13th five-year national economic and social development plan of Quannan county, the overall development plan of industry in economic revitalization Pilot Zone of Ruixing, strategic planning for rural revitalization in Ganzhou city. The project report written by the center was approved by the vice secretary of the provincial Party committee and the secretary of the Ganzhou Municipal Committee. The study report on business environment of Ganzhou city was adopted by the chairman of Ganzhou CPPcc.

Towering trees grow from sapling, lofty buildings constructed from level ground. Under the leadership of the municipal government and Jiangxi University of Technology party committee, the Research Center of Ganzhou Private Economy is moving toward building a new high-quality think tank with good academic recognition, enterprise welcome and useful decision-making.

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