The Soft Science Research Base for Regional Economic Cooperation on the border among Jiangxi,Guangdong,Fujian and Hunan

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The Soft Science Research Base for Regional Economic Cooperation on the border among JiangxiGuangdongFujian and Hunan was approved in August 2014 and is subordinate to Jiangxi Provincial Department of science and technology. In 2019, a breakthrough was made in the construction of the base, In cooperation with Ganzhou municipal government, Ganzhou Private Economic Research Center was established. Relying on the resources of finance, accounting, business administration and other multidisciplinary advantages of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology School of Economics and Management, a stable research team has been formed, and the research direction focuses on the regional government cooperation mechanism innovation ,regional industrial division of labor and ecological protection cooperationRegional resource integration and utilization, regional economic center city linkage development and regional enterprise innovation cooperation or other aspects involving regional economic and social cooperation.

At present, the main research team has 12 people, 7 people are Ph.D., in recent years, the base members presided over the National Social Science Fund project, a number of published personal monographs 8, published a number of CSSCI papers, Several research results were published in the internal forum of Jiangxi Province, the research report has been the province's main leadership of the important approval, Several papers have been reproduced by NPC copy materials, China University Academic Abstracts and other important publications. Research results of members of the base have won the Achievement outstanding Award of Social Science in Jiangxi Province, the Outstanding Scientific Research Award of Chinese Population Science many times, and guided students to obtain remarkable results in the National Comprehensive Game Contest On Economics and China National College Students Competition On Energy Economics. In the process of construction, the base attaches great importance to cooperation with key universities inside and outside the province, and in March 2019 began to carry out field research with Department of Geographical Sciences of Tsinghua University in the Ganzhou region, while actively serving the economic and social development of Ganzhou, while constantly strengthening its own strength.

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