The Research Institute of Finance in Ganzhou City

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The Research Institute of Finance in Ganzhou City and Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, founded in November 2013, is the first financial think tank platform in Jiangxi province. In September 2018, the registration and approval procedures for private non-enterprise units were completed in accordance with the law, and the institute became the first financial research platform and policy think tank with legal personality in Ganzhou City. The institute has an expert committee, research center and training center.

Focusing on the two strategic objectives of the marginal regional financial center and the provincial financial sub-center in Ganzhou, the institute has formulated the core development strategy of "four platforms and one window" of think tank research platform, talent pooling platform, training and learning platform, platform for enhancing the financial influence of Zhangzhou, and window for foreign cooperation and exchange, so as to build a high level demonstration base of financial policy research, theoretical innovation, consulting services, talent cultivation and talent introduction. The institute is aimed at constructing a financial research platform and policy think tank with regional characteristics to provide intellectual support and talent guarantee for the revitalization and development of Jiangxi Soviet area.

Since its establishment, the institute has completed more than 60 research projects with fruitful results. Some of the subjects and research results have been approved by provincial and ministerial leaders. It has held more than 30 financial knowledge training courses, accumulatively trained more than 3000 people of Party and government leaders, senior executives of financial institutions, entrepreneurs and financial workers. It has organized and overtaken more than 10 vocational qualification examinations, benefiting more than 20,000 candidates in Ganzhou and surrounding cities, and established favorable communication and cooperative relations with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Training Center, Shenzhen Capital Institute, Wenzhou Research Institute of Finance, Jiangxi Research Institute of Financial Development, Rushi Research Institute of Finance and other foreign institutions.

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